Sootheababy & Sootheamuma Massage Therapies
Sootheababy & Sootheamuma Massage Therapies

About Baby Massage

‘Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is food for the infant; food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins’ 


Dr Federick Leyboyer.

Loving hands. The traditional art of baby massage.


The tradition of baby massage has been passed down from generation to generation and has been found to date back as early as 3000 years ago.  Infant massage is used in many cultures including India, Africa, New Zealand and the Caribbean.   


Interest in baby massage in Western cultures only really started in the 1970’s.  Research showed that premature babies who received regular infant massage benefitted both in terms of improved weight gain and neurological development.  Later studies have shown that the benefits of baby massage included reduction of stress hormones, promotion of strong parent-infant bonds and improved quality of sleep.


Our sense of touch is the first sense to be developed in utero.  Starting around seven weeks’ gestation the skin is the first organ to be complete.  At birth, touch is the baby’s most developed sense and therefore is the primary way they initially learn about the world around them.


The benefits of baby massage include;

For your baby

  • Strengthens secure attachments and interactions between parent and child
  • Communicates the feelings of being loved, valued and respected to your baby
  • Helps to reduce crying
  • Increases baby’s ability to relax and to sleep more deeply
  • Encourages coordination, body awareness and develops baby’s first language: touch
  • Provides relief from issues such as wind, colic, constipation and teething

For you

  • Raises levels of the love hormone Oxytocin in both you and your baby promoting feelings of closeness.
  • Close contact helps build a greater understanding of your baby’s body language and behaviours
  • Special peaceful one to one time with your baby
  • Increased skills that will give you greater confidence in caring for your baby
  • Feelings of relaxation as you massage your baby

Learning baby massage with your baby is a wonderful experience that will provide lifelong happy memories and nurture the parent-infant bond.


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What parents say about baby massage classes.....

'What a lovely class and I really appreciate the small class sizes, putting babies first.  Thank you. I will miss the classes especially the cake'

Julia (Mother to 4 month old Bryony)


'Really enjoyable class. Sarah was fantastic and so patient, understanding and really passionate about the techniques, and seeing the babies progress/interact. Thank you so much we loved it'

Vicky (mother to 3 month old Elliot)


'It was lovely to spend time with my baby learning different massages and how they help with different things. It was also lovely to speak to other mum's with babies'

Gemma (mother to 9 week old Maisie)


"We have just finished our four week massage with Sarah and it has been amazing.  My baby loves massage time and I notice he sleeps much better afterwards" 

Saskia (mother to four month old Otto)


"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah and Sootheababy massage. Having just finished the course, which was informative, friendly and SO relaxing I'm sad the lessons have come to an end but really enjoyed them all" 

Alison ( Mother to 5 month old James)


And about Sootheamuma Massage Therapies...


'I've just been for a preganancy massage with the lovely Sarah and can honestly say it was one of the nicest massages I've ever had, pregnant or otherwise! Lovely to be treated by someone who really understands pregnancy and babies'

Anna 36 weeks pregnant


'Thank you so much for my amazing postnatal massage! I would highly recommend it to any Mummies in need of a bit of TLC. 11 weeks after giving birth I feel great thanks to Sarah'

Jen 11 week postnatal


'I received a wonderful pregnancy massage from Louise. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable in the environment. Defianately has the magic touch. Highly recommend.'

Laura 35 weeks pregnant 


'Just had the most amazing pregnancy massage! When I walked in I was stiff and achey and by the time Sarah had worked her magic I didn't even struggle to bend down and put my shoes back on. I feel so much better; relaxed and energised at the same time. Definately a must.

Rebecca 35 weeks pregnant.


'I had the most amazing pregnancy massage from Sarah before my daughterwas born.  Sarah is very professional and passionate about what she does. It's an added bonus that she is a midwife to, so any worries and concerns she can put your mind at ease.  I was already booked in another one before due date but Imogen had other ideas and came a week early. We can not wait to do the baby massage course. Fully recommend having this massage before birth'

Elaine Mum to Imogen 4 weeks old