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Birth Pool Hire

Welcome to Water Birthing: A serene approach to labour and birth

At Sootheababy & Sootheamuma, we believe that bringing your baby into the world should be a beautiful and calming experience. Our birth pool hire service provides families across Sussex with the opportunity to embrace water birthing in the comfort of their own homes.

Why Choose Sootheababy Pools?

·       Affordable: Our birth pools are available for hire at only £100 per hire, which includes everything you need for a water birth. If your plans change and you return your pool to us unused with the liner unopened, we will refund you 50% of your hire cost.  Our ABumpsABaby Antenatal Class clients can choose to use their 10% discount points for pool hire too. By hiring you are not only saving money but this eco friendly option also reduces single use waste.

·       Comprehensive Support: We offer FREE delivery and collection within a 40 minute drive of Hurstpierpoint (Please see our service area here). Our messaging support is available during evenings and weekends, ensuring you have assistance every step of the way. Although we plan your hire on a 5 week basis, we are flexible on pick up dates so there is no pressure if your baby has not yet arrived, or we will spirit it away sooner if baby arrives earlier.

·       Trusted Experience: With over thirty-five years of supporting families, we’ve worked with thousands of parents-to-be. Our professional Birth Pool in a Box is recommended by midwives, doulas, and homebirth groups nationwide.

·       Comfort and Safety: The Birth Pool in a Box is fantastically comfortable, sturdy, and welcoming. It features handles in all the right places, a built-in seat for bonding with your baby, and adjustable height to suit your needs.

·       Easy Maintenance: Clear up is a breeze with the included disposable liner. Just rinse and return the other non single use items for sterilization by us.

Studies show that labour & birth in water:

·       Lowers pain scores.

·       Result in less use of pain medication during labour.

·       Results in less use of artificial oxytocin.

·       Shorter labours on average.

·       Higher rate of normal vaginal birth (birth without the use of

forceps, vacuum, or surgery).

·       Higher rate of intact perineum (meaning the tissue between the

vagina and rectum remains untorn and uncut).

·       Less use of episiotomy (a surgical cut to the perineum).

·       Greater satisfaction with the birth.

(Evidence based birth.

If you’re planning a home birth explore our birth pools for hire and make your water birthing journey memorable.

Thinking of investing by purchasing your own pool? If you are planning on using your pool for more than one birth you may want to buy your own. A full pool kit giving you everything you need to use your pool will cost you around £246. As we partner with Birth Pool in a Box we have a 10% discount on purchases, just message us on 07955049773 and we will share our affiliate link with you so you can get you a 10% discount on your purchase too!

Woman in a birth pool supported by a doula
Woman in a birth pool supported by a doula

Birth Pool Hire

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